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All rifles listed here are sold under Section 58(2) of the firearms act and deemed to be antique / obsolete calibre.

They should not be fired unless they have passed the necessary proof house inspection and entered onto a relevant shotgun or firearms certificate.  



St No A01.JPG
An excellent example of a No4 Enfield "cut away" instructional rifle complete with deact certificate.
SOLD (Stock number A01)
St No A02.JPG
13.9 x 33R Wanzel 1863 / 67 Austro-Hungarian Rifle. This rimrife rifle was a conversion of the Lorenz cap-lock rifle musket and was adopted for use in January 1867.
This is a very good example of a hard to find rifle.
£850.00 (Stock number A02)
St No A03.JPG
14 x 45 Centre Fire Wanzel 1854 / 67 Rifle. This was a conversion of the Wanzel rimfire but was only in service for a very short period. This rifle is in good condition for its age with a good bore.
£550.00 (Stock number A03)
St No A04.JPG
.577 x 450 Alex Henry falling block rifle. Made by Westly Richards for the New South Wales contract.
Marked W.RA&A Co dated 1871.
An extreamly fine example of this rifle with a very good bore.
£1350.00 (SOLD)