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Section 1 Rifles (click on picture to expand image)

St No 261.JPG
.303 No5 Mk1 ROF (F) Jungle carbine dated 11/46.
In very good condition with matching numbers and a nicely marked walnut stock.
Stock number 289
St No 247.JPG
.303 "Maltby" No4 Mk1 Rifle. This is a very good example of these dificult to find rifles, it is all matching with an excellent two groove barrel and is 1943 dated.
Stock number 247
St No 262.JPG
.303 1944 Dated No4 Mk1 Fulton regulated, with all matching numbers including the magazine and an excellent five groove barrel.
New proof
Stock number 262
St No 234.JPG
.303 B.S.A & Co Charger Loader Lee Enfield (CLLE). Built in 1901 as a B.S.A. & Co LE 1* and converted by B.S.A in 1909 to its present CLLE 1* configeration. It is complete with its volly sights and has a windage adjustable rearsight in good overall condition with a renumbered bolt, the bore is in good condition.
Stock number 234