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Section 1 Rifles (click on picture to expand image)

St No 331.JPG
.303 No5 Mk1(F) Jungle carbine, 3/45 dated. A good example of this now difficult to find rifle, it has a re-matched bolt and is in very good overall condition including the barrel.
Stock number 331
St no 353 (1).JPG
.303 No5 Mk1(F) this 1/47 dated Jungle Carbine is a superb all matching example including the bolt action & woodwork. It is in excellent overall condition including its five groove barrel. Jungle carbines in this condition are getting very difficult to find. A superb example for the collector or shooter.
Stock number 353
St No 323.JPG
.303 No4T (Less Telescope) rifle. This rifle is 100% correct, it was never fitted with a scope. The rifle serial number is on the butt inside the butt socket but there has never been a scope number on the butt itself. It is 1944 dated with all matching numbers to the bolt, action and woodwork. The T is missing from the sidewall of the receiver but this would only have been applied once a scope was fitted. An excellent example of a rare and "unmolested" No4T rifle.
Stock number 242
St No 343.JPG
.303 No4T. 1943 dated a very good but non matching example, fitted with a genuine Mk III scope and mount. The bolt, action & woodwork all match but the butt has been changed for a "long" at some point. It has a very good barrel and rifle has seen service judging by the three sets of stake marks on the scope mount, a real piece of history not a cabinet queen.
Stock number 343