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.22 Military & Target Rifles (Click on image to expand picture)
St No 219.JPG
.22 Mossberg 42M-B .
This little Mossberg is in excellent condition and is complete with its windage adjustable rearsight and its 5 shot magazine
Stock number 219
St No 214.JPG
.22 B.S.A. Sportsman 15.
Now considered to be outdated by some never the less this 15 shot bolt action rifle would make an ideal first gun for the young shot as it is light and easy to use. In very good condition including the barrel.
Stock number 214
St No 212.JPG
.22 Norinco JW-25A. This little rifle is a K98 look alike but is slightly shorter and a lot lighter, it has a 5 shot magazine and replicates the k98 sights very well.
Stock number 212
St No 204.JPG
.22 No7 Mk1 Enfield Rifles. These rifles were produced for the RAF and are the only military training rifle to have a magazine. This rifle is in excellent condition but has mismatched numbers, they are becoming very hard to find in any condition.
The barrel and overall condition is excellent.
Stock number 204
£2050.00 (SOLD)
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