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.22 Military & Target Rifles (Click on image to expand picture)
St No 212.JPG
.22 Norinco JW-25A. This little rifle is a K98 look alike but is slightly shorter and a lot lighter, it has a 5 shot magazine and replicates the k98 sights very well.
Stock number 212
St No 198 (1).JPG
.22 Erma-Werke MEM1. Erma built these rifles as a copy of the American M1 carbine. This example has been fitted with a moderator, a Nico Sterling 6 x 40 scope and it comes with a 10 shot and a spare 15 shot magazine. An excellent "bunny basher"
Stock number 198
£175.00 (HELD)
St No 196 (1).JPG
.22 B.S.A 1907 WO Pattern training rifle.
The War Office Pattern rifle was designed to simulate the sight pattern of the SMLE when used in shooting clubs. It was produced in several forms this one being half stocked. It is in very good condition and has a windage adjustable rearsight and it still retains its foresight protector which is often missing.
An excellent rifle for use in military miniature competitions.
Stock number 196
£350.00 (SOLD)
St No 279.JPG
.22 B.S.A. 1907 War Office Pattern training rifle. Windage adjustable rearsight and complete with its foresight protector that is often missing.
Good overall condition including the barrel.
Stock number 279
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