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.22 Military & Target Rifles (Click on image to expand picture)
St No 251.JPG
.22 D.S.M. 34 Mauser. An extreamly fine example of this pre war German training rifle complete with its contemporary leather sling. this is the heavy barrel version designed to simulate the wieght and handling of the K98 rifle.
Stock number 251
St No 250.JPG
.22 B.S.A. & Co Martini action Target rifle.
A really good example of a B.S.A. target rifle in super condition including the barrel. Fitted with the correct Parker Hale peep rearsight, an ideal "first" target rifle.
Stock number 250
St No 267.JPG
.22 built on a No4 Mk I* Longbranch 1943 dated action.
Excellent overall condition including the barrel.
Stock number 267
St No 223.JPG
.22 B.S.A. & Co SMLE. This volunteer pattern rifle was converted from .303 by sleeving the existing barrel, it is in very good condition and has a windage adjustable rearsight.
Stock number 223